Honest CV

Did you know that about 53% of people lie in their Resume?[1].  Since I like to be a bit more detailed and consider myself quite International, below is my honest CV.


Adriana Brea

650-xxxxxxx      @adriana_brea




JOB TITLE:  Speaker (guest, keynote, motivational): English/Spanish.

A BIT MORE ABOUT MYSELF: creative, resilient, growth mindset, problem solver, decision maker, out of the box thinker that can handle stress, coordinate multiple agendas, connect with peers, customers and upper management from different cultural and socioeconomic background, talk to a rock and make it talk back to you, talk to crowds of 3 or 5000, adapt to change, embrace it and promote it. Big on diversity.  

MY VERY OWN                            


How to keep age number down and worth level up: based on a true story, this authentic and heart felt narrative reflects on your worth after teaching current information on latest research about longevity and lifestyle, with a special focus on stress management.

How to create a meaningful legacy: it combines handpicked content from ground breaking research around leadership with my vision on how to humanize corporations.


·       How to Reinvent yourself in times of crisis. (Tip: now!)

·       Leadership empowerment through growth mindset and company culture.


1998 -Computer Engineering

Simon Bolivar University - Caracas - Venezuela

Double major: Information Systems and Operations Research.

2002 - Masters in Information Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology. I never finished thesis, but my GPA was 4.0

1974 - present

University of Life

2006- present

Honor Roll student at International Moms University (Although at one point I felt like dropping out).


1998-2000: software developer at family company.

2000-2001: Hewlett Packard Miami (actually Manpower, but HP looks so much better).

2002–2004: worked in fashion introducing a Venezuelan Haute Couture brand in Barcelona, Spain.

2004-2006 Self Employed: POP products.

2006- 2013: partnered with my husband. We were able to grow our family from 3 to 6 members, doubling our size in less than 7 years. Imagine my contribution!

2013-present: provide continued support at home to 5 unique individuals in all areas of life: personal coaching, family therapy, PR coordinator, chauffeur, leadership training with a focus on growth mindset, physical development, nutrition, social contributions, community involvement, cultural advisor and time management to name a few.


2006 - First Son. Received in Barcelona, Spain.

2007 - Second son. Received in Singapore.

2011- Third son. Received in Singapore.

2013 - First daughter. Received in Singapore.



·       How NOT to be a Helicopter parent without hyperventilating.

·       The art of treating all your children equally, especially the last one.

·       Entitlement vs Opportunities.

·       Purpose over passion. Feed the one that matters.  http://www.adrianabrea.com/en/hiachieverblog/2017/9/5/passion-vs-purpose



How to raise humans that can sustain the world through personal thrive, compassion and love.



·       Love: the fixer upper, do it all.

·       Finding opportunity in tough times.



·       Finding fulfillment and joy in things that need to get done, rather in what you feel like doing.

·       Chores: plant the seeds of responsibility and accountability.

·       Timing vs Facts. How to pitch an idea to get the response you want.




  • Spanish (native language).
  • English (30 years)
  • Baby talk (11 years)
  • Pre-teen talk (1 year)
  • Teen talk (God help me!).

Multitasking, Mindfulness and when to use which one.

HOBBIES: dancing, writing, reading, talking to myself and to others, baking, drinking wine and coffee.

SPECIAL INTERESTS: philosophy, religions, classical music, salsa and reggaetón.  School volunteering.