about me

Latina, born in Venezuela, citizen of the world.  An endless learner.  Allergic to bad taste, not to bad words.  A multipotentialite eager to change the world through kindness and stories that inspire and invite you to think of a greater purpose. Firm believer that success is real when aligned to your soul's purpose. I have travel extensively and lived in four continents that have showed me we humans, despite our differences,  are connected and want the same: we want to be loved,  to be heard and to be happy.

My passion is to communicate, to foster relationships and to contribute to your true success.  This rare and precious opportunity we call life is unique and we must embrace it to make the most out of it.  My religion is to be happy, to be inclusive and to transform obsolete paradigms in order to achieve so.  In the endless search of our true self, happiness and life's purpose, we are all on the same journey, each of us with an unique story that deserves to be finished and shared.

"The first connection starts with you" Adriana Brea

"When personality comes to serve the energy of the soul, that is authentic empowerement" Gary Zuvak




Speaker / Leadership training

Speaker / Leadership training